Basic Terms/Conditions

This page contains legalese to cover my butt: (LOL) lawyers make me do it. 

1.  This owner/authors of this blog strive to provide an objective review/information about different ventures that a person can use to make money online.  Many of them I have made money from.

2.  Any person who uses this site does so as an individual.  No group may use anything on this site whether they be educational, psychological, law enforcement, or the like.  Use of this blog is for meant to be for informational purposes to the user only.  I make no guarantee that you can/will benefit from the information listed herein. No guarantees are made about income either. 

3.  If you click on any of the links on this blog, I may benefit financially for it.  I am obligated to tell you that. 

4.  I reviews the sites/opportunities within the posts to the best of my ability.  By clicking the links, to visit the sites, you release me of all obligation in the instance you have any issues with the site.

5.  Some of the links (mostly in the sidebars) are sponsor links placed on the blog by a 3rd party.  The 3rd party has certain criteria they have their publishers follow.  I am not aware of all these rules, so if you need more information, please send me an email to and I will provide you links to more information about the third party.  However, in my personal opinion, if you are worried about that, then you are really here for the wrong reasons.

6.  I am in no way indicating that you click on any 3rd party sponsored links.  If you have a genuine interest in what you see, then it is your decision to click them. 

7.  Some affiliate links that you may click on may be out of date and redirect you to another site of a similar type.  (I am currently working to update all of the posts so that the links are up to date.)

8.  If you choose to sign up for email updates, then I will send you an occasional email about programs that I  find of interest.  While many of them are free, some products that I may mention at times, do require an out of pocket cost.  Most of the products I use in my money making ventures, and recommend.  However, even with this recommendation, you use the products at your own risk and release me of any and all responsibilities of your using them.

9.  I do use many methods of social marketing.  If you choose to follow me or become my fan, or the like on any of the sites, then you do so at your own risk.  Please review any terms of service for each of these sites. 

10.  Any questions relating to terms of service etc of products/services that are reviewed should be directed to that particular product/service.

11.  This blog and terms of service is a work in progress and subject to change.  In a nutshell, you are using this blog at your own risk.  I try my best to make sure that all information provided is true and correct; however, there are also personal opinions/tips that may be related to them. 

12.  If you find that a site has tried to scam you or you have issues with them, please provide me specific information.  If I seem to get a few complaints regarding a specific service, then I will do my best to investigate the claims. 

13.  Finally, I want say thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog.  If you have any questions or comments, then please email me at

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