May 28, 2010

FusionCash Review-Is a Scam?

I wanted to do this FusionCash review for those of you that may be wondering if is a legitimate way to make money online. It is one of many free ways to make money online that I use, and yes it is legitimate.  FusionCash is a company that pays you money for completing offers, taking surveys and many other activities that you can do to make money.  They also offer a $5 sign up bonus, which you will receive after you confirm your email and complete your first offer.  I would like to talk a little about navigating around  But first I want to show my last three payments:

 Sorry for the arrows!  Had to blot out some personal stuff! :-)

When I combine those amounts with the other money that I make using free ways to make money online every month, it comes to quite a nice piece of change. I will add here that Fusion Cash has 3 different payment methods: check, Paypal, or direct deposit.  You can do the same thing. So let's get into the FusionCash review.

So with FusionCash you will mainly fill out offers.  They have several sections of offers including paid, free trial and FREE/NO Credit Card needed.  These are the ones I do (free ones).  I don't have to provide any sort of financial information.  They also offer surveys that you can take every day and earn.

If you choose to do the free trial offers on to earn cash, you will have to enter your credit card information.  The key to this is to make sure you cancel before the free trial comes to an end.  It is also important with that you read the terms and conditions for these free trials very closely.  For instance, you get a 7 day free trial, but you have to commit to 3 months to get this trial.  Like I said this is a personal choice for you.  I prefer to stick with free, that way I know I will not be spending money.

There is also a forum in which you can communicate with other members of the community.  If you make 30 posts in the forum in a month, you will receive $3 per month. also has other promotions, like following on Twitter and Facebook, and receive cash.

I hope this FusionCash review helps any of you who may have had any questions about the company. Like I said it is one of the many free ways to make money online that I use every month.

Click the link above to go to Fusion Cash and claim your $5 bonus!
   (Remember to confirm your email, and complete your first offer) 

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