February 23, 2013

Legit Online Surveys: Tips For Finding Legit Online Surveys

Finding legit online surveys can be a challenge if you are just starting out.  I have been taking online surveys for cash and gift cards for over 5 years now.  You won't get rich off of them, but they are a guaranteed way to make some extra money.  In this post, I will give you a few pointers on what to look for, what I personally don't consider a survey site, as well as a few sites I have been using for years.

If you are looking for legit online surveys, the first thing you need to know is that NO legit survey company will ever charge you.  If any company is asking you to pay money, (not just survey sites), then there is a chance they might be wanting to scam you out of money. 

One way of finding legit online surveys is to use Google or whichever search engine you prefer.  Type in terms like "online surveys", "make money with surveys" or something of that nature.  Once you have the search results, you can check the company via such platforms as the "Ripoff Report" or the Better Business Bureau.  This way you can tell.

Personally, when I take surveys I only do them for cash or gift cards.  While most of them offer sweepstakes entries for completing a survey, I will not do them for entries alone.  I have never won any of these contests, nor have known anyone who has.  I am not saying they are fakes, I am just saying I want to be able to show something for taking the survey.

Often times people label legit online surveys as scams when they are really not.  This is because they sit and do the screener and get screened out.  It is important to remember that each survey is looking for a different set of demographics, so you might not qualify for everyone.  Another tip that I have for survey newcomers is to fill out your profiles or profile surveys.  This will help the survey company pinpoint surveys that you may specifically qualify for. 

One group of sites I have ran across that call themselves surveys do not fit the criteria of a survey by my definition.  These types of sites want you to participate in offers, or sign up for different programs for money or a reward of some type.  These aren't surveys according to me.  However, these must be legit online surveys as the FTC allows them to call themselves that.

As I stated, I have been making money for several years doing legit online surveys.  Listed below are a few of the sites I have used.  The links listed are affiliate links, meaning that I do get referral credit if you sign up for them.  I am not asking you to, but if you do sign up through my link, I would greatly appreciate it!!!  (All programs are based in the U.S.  If you are from another country and would like for me to see what I can find, then please send me an email. Include your country and the subject line "Available Surveys in My Area") 

Global Test Market

Ipsos Isay


Tip:  Before taking online surveys, I suggest that you create a separate email address for your legit online surveys.

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